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Connectable rubber clubs Sasaki M-34KGH

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Connectable rubber clubs Sasaki STRM-34GH PPxLMP

Clubs Sasaki M-34KGH and M-34JKGH.

Gradation connectable rubber clubs Sasaki M-34JKGH and M-34JKGH for professional rhythmic gymnastics.

Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus FIG are intended for use at gymnastic carpets approved by FIG. If FIG Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus are used in a hall without a carpet or on a carpet not approved by FIG, the warranty does not apply. Gymnastic Gym Equipment Warranty - 14 days from date of purchase. Scratches and damage to items that appear in connection with the use of this item are not a reason for a claim or a refund. By purchasing this product, you agree to this policy. 

Please note that when using the FIG gymnastic equipment, the marking may be erased. FOR THE LONG-TERM EFFECT OF THE FIG MARK, we recommend sticking a transparent adhesive tape on top. 

Rubber Club (Connectable system)
Precautions for safety handling

Please not the following points to mauntain the Clubs for long term use.

- Use only for the performance of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Please use at right place but avoid to use on the uneven surface floor.
- Excessive shock may cause damage or deformation, so please be careful not to tread on it strongly or bend it forcefully.
- Our Urethane surface has been painted, color peeling and or color migration may occur due to intermittent shock or friction caused by use.
- When you put a tape on or wipe the surface with chemicals, it may get discolored. It’s not possible to repair so please handle with care.

Safe Keeping

Please keep away from hot and humidity, freezing point, direct sunlight, just under the fluorescent lamp, as it may cause discoloration and painting falling earlier.  

Connectable rubber clubs Sasaki M-34KGH
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