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Ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics


Ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics

Ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics for professionals and beginners. Gymnastics ribbons Chacott, Venturelli, Sasaki, Pastorelli, Amaya.

How to choose a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon?

ribbon for rhythmic gymnastics is composed of a pole and a ribbon itself that is 4, 5, or 6 meters long. For gymnasts up to 8 years of age, a 4 m long ribbon is appropriate; gymnasts aged 8-14 should choose a 5 m long ribbon; and Senior gymnasts should exercise with the 6 m long ribbon. However, it is best to consult the choice with one's coach. The most popular rhythmic gymnastics ribbons manufacturers are SASAKICHACOTTAMAYAVENTURELLIPASTORELLI.
The poles holding the ribbon are usually of a conical or cylindrical shape. They are made of plastic or organic plastic and measure from 50 to 60 cm. The ribbon is attached to the pole using a hook or a nylon cord. The pole's length depends on the length of the ribbon:
- the 5 and 6 m long ribbons are attached to a pole that is 56 cm or 60 cm long, respectively,
- the 4 m long ribbons are attached to a pole that is 50 cm long.
Ribbons should be transported and stored rolled on a cylinder, and poles need to be stored in a special case. If necessary, ribbons may be washed in warm water (30 degrees and less) using a small amount of detergent. You may use starch or other special product to prevent the ribbon from going too soft. After drying the ribbon, it must be ironed. You may also use an anti-static product so that the ribbon doesn't stick to clothes and carpets.
The ribbon's and the pole's colours are chosen specifically for a gymnast's performance to enhance their image. You can choose a single-coloured or multi-coloured ribbon, or you can paint your own motif with acrylic paints and textile markers. The pole may also be single-coloured or multi-coloured, with a picture, with or without sequins. We wish you a lot of success in exercising with this beautiful and complex equipment!