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Rhythmic gymnastics ball Sasaki M-207 M

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Ball for rhythmic gymnastics Sasaki M-207M-F.

Diameter: 18.5 cm
Weight: 400 gr
Material rubber
Approved by F.I.G.

Care measures:
- store and transport the ball only in the ball cover
- use the ball only on a specialised gymnastic carpet
- inflate the ball only with a hand pump of the same manufacturer
- before inflating the ball wet the needle in the ball Smoother (grease)
- do not inflate the ball more than 18,5 cm
- do not store or transport the ball without air
- store the ball at +3°C up to + 25°C
- avoid sudden temperature changes
- wash the ball with warm soapy water. Wipe with a soft cloth
- please keep away from hot and humidity, freezing point, direct sunlight, just under the fluorescent lamp, as it may cause discoloration and painting falling. 
Failure to comply with the instructions leads to damage of the ball and loss of warranty!

Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus FIG are intended for use at gymnastic carpets approved by FIG. If FIG Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus are used in a hall without a carpet or on a carpet not approved by FIG, the warranty does not apply. Warranty for gymnastics balls SASAKI - 2 months from date of purchase. Scratches and damage to items that appear in connection with the use of this item are not a reason for a claim or a refund. By purchasing this product, you agree to this policy.

Please note that when using the FIG gymnastic equipment, the marking may be erased. 

Rhythmic gymnastics ball Sasaki M-207M-F FIG
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