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Pastorelli Luxury ARCHE' LEOPARD gymnastic ribbon 5 m FIG

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Pastorelli Luxury ARCHE' LEOPARD gymnastic ribbon 5 m FIG.

Digitally printed ribbon suitable for individual and team competitions. FIG approved. Multicolored ribbon Pastorelli for rhythmic gymnastics.

Technical features:

  • 100% rayon
  • Soft fabric
  • Dynamic waves
  • Non electrostatic
  • Unique color gradation achieved through highly technological processes.
  • The ribbon is printed digitally on one side, the non-printed side directly acquires the color by induction, so the colors on the back will be less vivid than the front.
  • The ribbon is not washable. To iron cover with cloth and use low setting.
  • The ribbon must not enter in contact with any liquid.

The shade of the ribbon’s color may differ slightly depending on the production batch.

The top quality that is necessary in the world of rhythmic gymnastics.

The ribbon is 5.10 – 5.15 m and it weights 35-36 gr.

F.I.G. Approved 

It may happen that taking several pieces of the same lot the shades are slightly different from each other, as environmental variables are involved in the production process.

Being an artisan product PASTORELLI does not guarantee the correspondence between the real color of the item and the color displayed on the screen. It may also happen that taking more ribbons from the same batch, ribbon shades might be slightly different one another. Low color divergences are admitted and are not valid as a defect.  The ribbon may also slightly stain the skin of the hands when used.

Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus FIG are intended for use at gymnastic carpets approved by FIG. If FIG Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus are used in a hall without a carpet or on a carpet not approved by FIG, the warranty does not apply. Gymnastic Gym Equipment Warranty - 14 days from date of purchase. Scratches and damage to items that appear in connection with the use of this item are not a reason for a claim or a refund. By purchasing this product, you agree to this policy. 

Please note that when using the FIG gymnastic equipment, the marking may be erased. 

Pastorelli Luxury ARCHE' LEOPARD gymnastic ribbon 5 m FIG
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