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Rhythmic gymnastics Ribbon Sasaki ART Gradation Ribbon MJ-715AG-F 5m FIG

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Rhythmic gymnastics Ribbon Sasaki MJ-715AG-F 5m FIG.

The ribbon is crafted from durable yet lightweight rayon and measures 5 meters in length and is 5 centimetres wide. The model MJ-715AG (ART Gradation) - multicolored ribbons with changing shades and flowing transitions. It's Japan-made from the material selection to finished processing. Provide the unique brightness and softness of Kohakuori weaving technique. The Japanese traditional weaving technique of "Kohakuori, similar to Taffeta," provides both the beauty and functionality of Ribbon. Less in static electricity and entanglement.

*The ribbons are hand-dyeing, so may appear differently one by one, and in blurrily and unevenly. The silk is a natural product and not homogeneous, therefore, there may be small blotches or streaks on the ribbon. This is normal and is not considered as a defect.

*The feature of fabric ribbon is to shrink if it contains moisture. Please do not dye or wash by yourself otherwise it may shrink about 20 cm. Just in case for you did please make sure if it is the length of the competition regulations before use.

Length: 6 m
Width: 5 cm
Material: Rayon
F.I.G. approved

Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus FIG are intended for use at gymnastic carpets approved by FIG. If FIG Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus are used in a hall without a carpet or on a carpet not approved by FIG, the warranty does not apply. Gymnastic Gym Equipment Warranty - 14 days from date of purchase. Scratches and damage to items that appear in connection with the use of this item are not a reason for a claim or a refund. By purchasing this product, you agree to this policy. 

Please note that when using the FIG gymnastic equipment, the marking may be erased. 

Sasaki ART Gradation Ribbon MJ-715AG-F 5m FIG
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