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Rythmic gymnastics rope DVILLENA and VINKOVA

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Rythmic gymnastics rope DVILLENA and VINKOVA.

Discover our rhythmic gymnastics rope, manufactured in Spain with top-quality materials. Designed to shine on the mat, this rope is available in a wide range of colors. Crafted with high-quality semi-rigid material, this rope is easily moldable according to your preferences.

With a standard length of 3 meters, this rope provides you with the necessary flexibility for precise and expressive movements.

If you need to shorten it to better fit your routines, we offer a helpful tip: after cutting, simply burn the cut end to seal it and prevent fraying. You can easily reinforce it with adhesive tape for extended durability. Elevate your performance with dvillena equipment.

Length: 3m
Diameter: 0.9 cm.
Material: polyester
Rythmic gymnastics rope DVILLENA and VINKOVA
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